Materials Matter Woods, Marbles and Leathers

Opera Contemporary benefits from its expertise in traditional craftsmanship to give life to furnishings designed to satisfy contemporary tastes. 

Exclusive materials, carefully sourced for the collections, are the result of advanced research and trace a stylistic pathway where tradition and innovation are perfectly combined to generate a unique and glamorous signature look. 

The latest collections have seen the introduction of an array of different materials where wood remains the main element. Carefully and precisely executed pantograph workmanship, and a characteristic diamond patterned motif carved into Canaletto walnut or ash wood highlight the attention to detail the brand is renowned for. Canaletto walnut – a solid wood with a texture of dark flamed or striped veins alternating with lighter tones – is one of latest addition to the collection.


The generous use of vibrant marbles adds a charming element of light and vitality to Opera Contemporary’s aesthetics. 
The Verde Alpi marble with different shades of green, the Calacatta Oro, elegant and luminous, or the Magic Brown with shades ranging from dark browns to greys, are used in different contexts and for various applications enhancing  the daring contemporary look proposed by the brand.


In addition to the vast selection of leathers already present in the collection, the brand has introduced nubuck, a soft and velvety leather, available in different colours. A luxurious long-lasting material that allows Opera Contemporary to display the unparalleled elegant and unique attitude which is ingrained in its DNA.