News 2021


Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow are the designers chosen by Opera Contemporary to interpret the increasingly contemporary language of the brand through proposals of innovative design with a tailor-made approach. Draga & Aurel are known on an international level for their artistic, experimental approach to materials and workmanship.

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The new lounge chair designed by Draga & Aurel is pure energy: that of the sun, rising in the morning. An iconic piece that combines the desire for absolute freedom with the presence of a strong bond with personal routines in private life. Aurora embodies the possibility of infinite physical spaces, to be experienced and discovered with the intensity of constantly new emotions.

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Sinuous lines, well-gauged thicknesses and fine workmanship are the distinctive features of the first product among the new developments for 2021. The refined shaping of the wood establishes a dialogue with the soft padding of the leather. A product that is striking for its lightness and character, almost a sculpture to display in any room of the home, as a perfect blend of elegance, comfort and functional quality.

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